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Telescope Corrugated Boxes

Telescope Corrugated Boxes

Telescope corrugated boxes consist of separate top and bottom parts that fit together, one end within the other. This custom design is double-walled on both the top and bottom, which provides additional protection for the contents. In addition to the sturdiness of the telescope corrugated box, they also allow for products to be displayed in an appealing way. As the customer removes the top portion of the corrugated box, they are presented with the contents organized to feature the product in the best way possible.

A Great Option for Safe Shipping

Custom telescope corrugated boxes also make shipping and storage simple. From the delivery of the boxes themselves, which are easily folded flat and ready-to-use in minutes, to the ability to stack these corrugated boxes without concern of damage to their contents – make these a great option for affordable packaging that needs shipped safely. Although used extensively for fresh fruits and vegetables, the telescope corrugated box design also has application for other merchandise. Once the shipment has made it to its final destination, the top of the corrugated box can be easily removed in order to examine the appearance and condition of the contents.

How It Got Its Name

The reason why this type of corrugated box is called a telescope box is that the top is said to “telescope” over the container, meaning that it fits part of the way over the bottom – with the cover extending at least two thirds of the box depth. Adhesives, staples, die-cut locks and other things may all be used to connect the telescoping sections.

Types of Telescope Box Styles

There are two main kinds of telescope box styles:

  • Full telescope design containers (FTDs) – with this type of telescope box style, the lid covers the box completely.
  • Design style containers (DTS) – with this type of telescope box style, only a small portion of the box is covered by the lid.

Both of these designs are ideal for a variety of applications for a variety of industries.

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