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The sustainability targets of packaging users are ever more demanding. Total Pack helps companies meet their ambitions, whether economic, social or environmental.

Saving Cash and Carbon

Using systematic right business tools, Total Pack works closely with customers, to attack unnecessary cost and carbon in the supply chain. Corrugated packaging helps supply chains work, by design. Typical results:

  • Reduction or elimination of product waste and damage: good packaging protects the cash and carbon invested in every product;
  • Reduced handling, fewer pallets and lorries off the road, as corrugated design delivers best use of space;
  • Less storage, warehousing and associated energy, for the same reason

Outcomes can be startling – for example, over 50% of delivery journeys eliminated, or no need to make use of entire warehouses.

Performance packaging: No More Fibre Than Necessary

Through its performance packaging programme, Total Pack focuses technologies in pack design, paper making and pack production, to offer the right corrugated pack, with no more fibre than necessary.

Using the right business tools, Total Pack audits customer supply chains, to establish the full range of needs the pack must meet and the right pack characteristics. Design tools then optimise fibre content for that pack, so that the fibre and resource specified is carefully managed.

Through the combined operations of Total Pack, Total Pack Paper and Total Pack Recycling, the Group has leading expertise in every aspect of paper fibre. That know how translates into high performance recycled packaging for customers, using no more material than necessary.

Box to Box: Recycling and Landfill Prevention

The exceptionally effective recycling infrastructure for corrugated packaging enables users to feel confident that their packaging will be recycled and won’t contribute to landfill.

More than 80% of corrugated packaging in the India is recycled, a higher rate than for any other major packaging material. Such effective recycling enables a renewable resource – paper fibre – to be used again and again, as part of a closed loop recycling process for corrugated packaging.

Across India, Total Pack Recycling handles 5.4 million tonnes of recovered paper every year. In the India, Total Pack operates market leading businesses, which make recycling real. Total Pack produces corrugated packaging, Total Pack Recycling collects it from retailers, industrial plants and other sources, and Total Pack Paper transforms old packaging to new materials - strong, high quality, recycled papers. Then the whole process starts again – the corrugated loop, box to box.

Packaging users increasingly turn to Total Pack, to change the realities of used packaging, from misunderstood “waste”, to a valuable resource, managed and recovered for further use.


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