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Total Pack's industry solutions section gives a full run down of its heavy duty packaging services for specific industries.

Total Pack packages practically anything in readiness for safe shipment. Total Pack’s solutions are high quality (using conventional or heavy duty corrugated cardboard or timber) as well as being cost effective. Some of the sectors that Total Pack specialise in include:

Automotive Packaging

Total Pack is a leading expert in the supply of packaging solutions to the Automotive Industry. Total Pack is a member of an automotive forum which encourages best practice in the supply chain.

In recent times Total Pack has won an award for the greatest improvement in performance of a Supply Chain Member.

Total Pack has experience in packaging design and manufacture of a range of automotive products include including car radiators, braking systems, gearboxes, bearings, cable systems and suspension systems.

Industrial Packaging

Total Pack can provide heavy duty packaging solutions for any industrial application. We understand the rigorous nature of this environment and the necessity of producing a packaging solution that can survive it.

From hazardous waste through to heavy industrial packaging we can provide a cost effective solution.

The range of industrial products Boxability have experience in packaging design and manufacture include; ovens, powdered paints, transformers, air filters and industrial batteries.

Scientific Packaging Solutions

Scientific packaging solutions require paramount protection. For this reason Boxability provides a range of composite materials that ensure that products are fully safeguarded within the handling/shipping environment.

Total Pack has experience in packaging design and manufacture of a range of scientific products including instrumentation and air particle monitors.

Medical Packaging

Total Pack can provide a cost effective packaging solution across all elements of the medical industry. In addition to providing outer casings Total Pack provides a range of internal composite materials for added product protection.

Total Pack has experience in packaging design and manufacture of a range of medical products including skin care products, skin blemish machines, height measuring systems, stainless steel sinks for operating theatres and disabled aids, in relation to which the Company won an industry Starpack award for product design.

Aerospace Packaging

Total Pack provides heavy duty packaging solutions for the aerospace industry. The design and customisation process enables Total Pack to provide solutions for both freight and engineered aerospace parts.

The efficient and dependable supply of our packaging solutions is as important as the quality of materials used in their production. Total Pack provides storage facilities and flexible supply solutions that meet the needs of aerospace customers.


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