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Half Slotted Corrugated Boxes

Half Slotted Corrugated Boxes

The Corrugated Box Manufacturing Company offers two types of slotted corrugated box designs – the half-slotted and full-slotted designs. The difference between the two types of slotted corrugated boxes is that a half-slotted corrugated box is closed at only one end whereas a full-slotted corrugated box has folding tabs at both ends.


Half-slotted corrugated boxes can also come with a cover, making it very similar to the telescope corrugated box design. The half-slotted corrugated box differs from a partial telescope corrugated box design because its cover is less than two-thirds of the depth of the body section, but these covers for half-slotted corrugated boxes can extend the full depth if extra strength is needed.

Applications for Half-Slotted Corrugated Boxes

Half-slotted corrugated boxes are the most widely-used type of box that there is. They may be used for either shipping or self-storage. They are especially valuable in cases where the lid needs to be frequently taken off and put back on. A design-style cover, whose side flaps are particularly easy to close, is commonly used for these boxes. When the object inside is ready to be used, it can simply be slid right out of the box.

For this reason, half-slotted corrugated boxes can be useful for storing loads that are especially big and heavy so that they can easily be installed without causing serious damage to the contents, like washing machines and refrigerators. In fact, for storing and transporting just about anything that is large and heavy, a half-slotted corrugated box design is almost sure to be the most logical choice for the job.

Half-slotted corrugated boxes are also often used for smaller applications like product bins, file folder boxes and storage boxes.

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