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Double Walled Corrugated Boxes

Double Walled Corrugated Boxes

Our double walled corrugated boxes are designed to offer superior strength and reliability to customers interested in shipping or storing heavy loads. Thanks to our diverse range of sizing options, customers can find the right double walled boxes for their particular project. For customers interested in placing high-volume orders, The Corrugated Box Manufacturing Company offers competitive bulk pricing options as well as wholesale pricing discounts. You can learn more about our affordable sales options by contacting our dedicated customer service support team as well as through our easy-to-use customer interface.

How Are They Constructed?

Unlike our other heavy-duty boxes, the double wall shipping boxes feature two sheets of corrugated cardboard which are securely glued together. This advanced construction design provides increased resistance to compression forces during shipping, ensuring that your box won’t be crushed or damaged during transport. These reinforced products can also be stacked without worrying about collapse or harm. Our double walled corrugated boxes are the perfect choice for clients interested in shipping or transporting their products throughout the India and abroad.

What Are They Used For?

Double wall corrugated boxes are one of the most popular types of carton for shipping goods via a carrier or postal network.

These strong corrugated boxes are ideal for heavy objects, and when stacking is required. They also offer extra protection when shipping sensitive products, as the extra layer of corrugated cushions any impact whilst keeping the box intact.

Double walled corrugated boxes are perfect for any large-scale transport, storage, or shipping operation. Whether you require corrugated boxes for home or apartment packing, long-term product storage or cross-country shipping operations, our double wall corrugated boxes will get the job done. With a wide range of available sizes, companies and organisations can ensure that their corrugated boxes precisely match the requirements of the current project. For those planning on shipping extremely heavy loads, the professionals at The Corrugated Box Manufacturing Company recommend you research alternative packaging options, such as our export and pallet corrugated boxes designed to accommodate larger projects.


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