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Die-Cut Corrugated Boxes Bangalore

Custom die-cut corrugated boxes can be designed in forms that precisely fit products. This type of custom packaging solution is different than standard stock items and can be made to fit the shape of your product. Die-cut corrugated boxes can be made with smooth corrugated board or different types of corrugated cardboard, and are generally manufactured and assembled without the use of tape or stapling.

Die-cut materials offer an advantage in both shipping and retail presentation, with their ability to mimic the product in shape and size. Adding four color printing to the corrugated box manufacturing process almost eliminates the need for further labeling. While many standard size die-cut corrugated boxes are always in stock, The Corrugated Box Manufacturing Company has the expertise in-house to create a customized corrugated box design that moves your product.

What kind of shapes and design can be produced?

It’s limited to only your imagination. The Corrugated Box Manufacturing Company has produced die-cut corrugated boxes for many different types of industries, a wide variety of products and applications. Our company has specialized retail packaging engineers to help make your vision or dream a packaging reality. Unique uses for custom die-cut corrugated boxes include the food and beverage manufacturing industry, medical and pharmaceutical companies, automotive parts manufacturers, cosmetic and beauty companies, and many more.

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From our 140,000 square foot warehouse, manufacturing, and distribution facility in Bangalore, The Corrugated Box Manufacturing Company can quickly service customers all across the South India. Here is the bottom line: The Corrugated Box Manufacturing Company will help you minimize your packaging costs while providing you effective packaging solutions. For more information on lowering your packaging costs, request a FREE packaging quote today! All we ask is that you give us the opportunity to prove that we’re the best packaging company for your business.

If you’d like a quote, please contact one of our packaging quote experts. Or, call us at +919945919846 to request samples of our work. You’ll see why we’re known for friendly and professional (and fast!) service. We look forward to working with you.


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