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If you are looking for custom packaging engineered specifically to suit your product, Total Pack have the expertise to develop bespoke designs to offer a precise level of protection.

Bespoke corrugated packaging designed by Total Pack provides fully customisable solutions to meet any specific requirement or application, whilst we ensure all our corrugated packaging offers the optimum level of performance to eliminate damage to your products.

  • High quality, bespoke corrugated packaging products.
  • Available with JIT ‘Just in Time’ supply on large volumes.
  • Designed by an experienced in house design team.

To find out more about our bespoke corrugated packaging, please continue reading or speak with our team.

Unrivalled expertise in the design and manufacture of custom packaging

Total Pack understand the science of packaging, including the need for shock protection, stacking strength, presentation and in many cases, all three. We have extensive expertise in cushioning, ESD protection, product presentation and cost reduction, with many of our successful custom packaging designs requiring combinations of all of these features.

Whatever your packaging design requirements may be, Total Pack have the experience and knowledge to help.

Benefits of Total Pack Custom Corrugated Packaging

  • Designed by our award winning in-house packaging design team
  • Bespoke solutions for specific applications
  • Engineered performance for optimum protection
  • Material and cost reduction expertise
  • High visual impact for brand enhancement
  • Range of specialist coatings and printing available
  • JIT supply on demand and inventory management
  • 100% Recyclable solutions

Custom Packaging Design Expertise

We offer a free advisory, design and sampling service to ensure that every new design is the perfect fit with our customers’ requirements. Total Pack’s customers benefit from our design team’s extensive experience in the conceptual design and prototyping of unique corrugated packaging for unique products and applications.

Total Pack take a holistic view of the packaging issues surrounding each new project, considering every aspect of our customer’s brief and also using our own extensive experience. Crucially, we will ensure that any corrugated packaging we supply will offer the exact level of performance required, ensuring optimum material utilisation and cost-effectiveness.

For example seams may be glued, stitched or taped depending on the style of carton and shipping requirements. Special features such as hand holes, perforations and custom made fittings may be included in the specification. Cartons may also require printing using any of a number of possible processes or even coated with a range of specialist products for water-resistance, ESD protection or anti-scuff properties.

The result of this whole process is a custom packaging design tailored perfectly for the application; packaging with a truly exceptional level of performance, both aesthetically pleasing and in line with customer cost and environmental expectations.


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