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Custom Corrugated Boxes

Custom Corrugated Boxes

When it comes to corrugated custom boxes, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. We know the box must fit the product, not the other way around. Your product is the star, and our custom made boxes are designed to ensure the most cost-effective way to feature and transport your products. That’s been our focus since 1999 when we started The Corrugated Box Manufacturing Company - work with business owners and buyers to best meet their packaging needs.

Our single focus is to design, manufacture and deliver high-quality, custom boxes

Corrugated custom boxes range in quality and price. But, if you ask any of our valued customers, the custom made boxes manufactured at Sound Packaging will always exceed your expectations. We don’t try to compete with businesses that handle hundreds of thousands of standard boxes. Instead, we focus on what we’re good at: designing, manufacturing and delivering custom corrugated boxes.

If your packaging needs include custom boxes, we’d like to talk with you. When we started The Corrugated Box Manufacturing Company, our goal was to manufacture the highest quality corrugated cardboard boxes for the best price. Since then, we have worked with all types of businesses throughout South India. They all started with one simple request: Make the right box for our product, and show me how it saves money.

Our commitment to ongoing improvements

We have worked hard to provide the products and packaging services that businesses want. But to continue our success, we invest in the latest technology and recruit the best and brightest materials engineers.

We also do our part as an ethical business. We have increased our levels of recycling through the use of water-based inks, the reuse of inks, and new methods for capturing cut waste to reuse in corrugated products.

If you’d like a quote, please contact one of our packaging quote experts. Or, call us at +919945919846 to request samples of our work. You’ll see why we’re known for friendly and professional (and fast!) service. We look forward to working with you.


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