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Corrugated Partitions

Corrugated Partitions

Corrugated partitions are used as inserts in boxes and trays for the shipping, storage or display of heavier items. These partitions are essential in adding strength to cartons and trays when they are used for stacking. They can also be used as support for product displays, as they create excellent load-bearing and top to bottom compression strength, assuring the integrity of products, especially those that are prone to breakage in shipping or displays. Corrugated partitions have been successfully used in a variety of industries, including, but not limited to, automotive, cosmetics, canning and bottling, pharmaceuticals, ceramics and glass, machine parts, wine and other beverages, and of course, food and produce.

  • Corrugated partitions can eliminate the need for individual wrapping of products as individual items are separated by the sturdy partitions in each carton or tray.
  • To save you time and money, corrugated partitions can be shipped fully-assembled, but collapsed.
  • Pre-assembled custom corrugated partitions can save on assembly costs.
  • Depending upon the configuration and material, custom partitions may be used in automated assembling and fulfillment lines.

As one of the largest manufacturers of corrugated products in the Bangalore, The Corrugated Box Manufacturing Company can assist you with your custom corrugated partition needs from idea to realization. When you make your first inquiry to The Corrugated Box Manufacturing Company, you’ll be assigned a service representative that will see your project through from beginning to end, and coordinate the interaction between your team and our team of professionals, including designers, structural engineers, manufacturing specialists, and the shipping team. The Corrugated Box Manufacturing Company works with companies of all sizes across the United States. If you are close to our plant in Bangalore, it is likely we can deliver your product faster than you have ever imagined.

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