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Corrugated Paper Rolls

Corrugated Paper Rolls

Our Corrugated paper roll is made of 100% recycled paper with cardboard corrugated on one side. It is high quality C-flute paper as opposed to the flimsier A-flute which some packaging companies supply.


Corrugated paper roll is excellent filling material for packing, ideal for wrapping products and great for interleaving. This product is ideal for protecting larger volume products during shipping and despatch.


Corrugated paper roll can be used for covering (e.g. by painters and decorators) and can be used to assist the brooding process for pheasants, quail and chukars. It can also be used to insulate vegetables stopping them decaying.

  • Rolls of single face 90gsm corrugated paper
  • Lightweight and economical, designed to reduce initial packaging and shipping costs
  • Raised corrugated flutes on one side to provide protective padding and cushion from impact
  • Manufactured from recycled paper and recyclable
  • The corrugated fluting is approx 5mm high
  • The diameter of each roll is approx 700mm
  • Available in a range of different widths, each roll is approximately 75 metres long

Keeping the cost of packing materials to a minimum is a concern many businesses and individuals have, especially because heavy materials can escalate delivery overheads. Our light-weight, single face corrugated paper roll is not only an economical solution, but is also made from 100% recycled materials and is available in a multitude of sizes for your convenience.

Each corrugated paper roll features 90gsm smooth paper to one side and raised corrugated fluting (approximately 5mm high) on the other, for added protection of items wrapped within.

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