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Corrugated Pads

Corrugated Pads

What are corrugated pads and why do you need them? Quite simply custom corrugated pads are flat sheets of corrugated board designed to protect product or divide the contents within a carton or box.

Corrugated pads can be used in several ways:

  • Fillers in cartons and shipping boxes
  • Separators in product packaging
  • Additional strength to boxes and product displays when placed against the exterior walls

They are available in all grades of corrugated board, and are dust free with clean edges. Available in virtually any size as custom corrugated pads are manufactured to your specifications. Corrugated pads can be packed in cartons or bundled for ease of shipping. Of course, special design and printing is available as well for custom corrugated pads.

Turn to the professionals at The Corrugated Box Manufacturing Company for any corrugated packaging project. We have decades of experience working with all types of businesses in the entire Southwest region. We have facilities in Bangalore. Best of all, we have experience working with businesses in just about every type of industry. This means we have likely worked with a business like yours and already have ideas on how to meet your specifications. From your first inquiry, a customer service representative will be assigned to your project. This representative will assure your satisfaction in the project from beginning to end by working with your team and coordinating with our internal designers, engineers and corrugated specialists, as well as scheduling manufacturing and delivery of your products.

What makes The Corrugated Box Manufacturing Company different from the rest?

We are the largest independent corrugated manufacturer in the Bangalore and have dedicated space available for just-in shipping of your packaging inventory. If you need to inventory your corrugated products, but don’t have storage space, The Corrugated Box Manufacturing Company will work with you on a storage/shipping program so you will always have the exact inventory on hand precisely when you need it. Our packaging products vary from standard corrugated boxes to intricate retail packaging. We are an innovative packaging company and box manufacturer integrating sustainable materials into our corrugated products and packaging solutions. Find out how we can help you reduce packaging costs, contact us today for a custom packaging quote.


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