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Total Pack’s core business is corrugated boxes, with 15 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and supply of every type of cardboard box.

Supplying a wide range of standard box designs and layouts (including FEFCO styles), plus offering a completely custom design service where we tailor the corrugated packaging to your exact requirement, we can guarantee a high level of performance and reliability for every cardboard box we manufacture.

  • Fully customisable for specific applications
  • Available on short lead times with JIT “Just in Time” supply.
  • 100% recyclable and eco friendly.

To find out more about our corrugated boxes we design and manufacture at Total Pack, please get in touch.

The full spectrum of corrugated boxes, from industrial to retail ready

Corrugated boxes designed, manufactured and supplied by Total Pack can offer an entirely bespoke option for any packaging or storage needs. With over 15 years of experience in the design and manufacture of corrugated boxes, we are certain to have the perfect corrugated solution for your specific application.

With an extensive range of beneficial features, corrugated boxes provide a low cost yet high performance solution for any application whilst transporting or storing items. From branded retail packaging to heavy duty transit containers and everything in between – if you need a corrugated box, Total Pack can help.

Custom Designed Corrugated Packaging

Our expert in house design team, offering a wealth of experience, can apply fresh thinking in suggesting alternative corrugated box and packaging designs to achieve both better performance and reduced cost. This allows us to offer highly technical packaging solutions which can resolve issues with a clients existing boxes, offer calculated levels of strength and performance, or overcome a specific problem or brief that is unique to a particular application.

All new cardboard packaging designs we create are available for pre-production approval through a sampling service, ensuring total satisfaction with all new designs before any commitment to materials or tooling is made. In this way, we can be certain that any custom corrugated box we manufacture will be perfect for its intended use.

Standard Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Besides our custom packaging design service, we are also able to offer a huge selection of industry standard designs and boxes. Using either the FEFCO layout standards, or the catalogue of designs Total Pack has developed over 15 plus years, we can offer a cost effective solution that will still offer excellent performance and durability.

Using a range of manufacturing techniques, including die cutting, rotary die cutting, case making, multipoint gluing and folding, plus hand assembly, we can offer standard cartons, crash lock boxes, trays, corrugated dividers and practically any form of cardboard box imaginable!

Uses For Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Widely used for their strength, durability, lightness, recyclability, and cost-effectiveness, corrugated boxes and packaging manufactured by Total Pack are used in an extensive range of industries. Due to the safety of packaging and their ability to handle the pressure that comes with stacking, it makes them ideal for easy transportation of various consumer goods and industrial components /products alike.

Usually providing the outer protection for a product, Total Pack’s corrugated boxes can be enhanced through the use of additional corrugated inserts (for example Corri Spring), foam end caps and other forms of cushioning and void fill. Total Pack can further enhance the exterior of the corrugated cardboard box depending on its tended application. We can branding and graphics for retail packaging, whilst also providing identification and instructions for transit packaging.


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